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Hatteras boats for sale, Used hatteras yachts for sale | Yacht authority

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Hatteras PowerBoat For Sale-1997 Hatteras-Miami Beach, FL
116' Hatteras
Hatteras PowerBoat For Sale-2003 Hatteras-Dania Beach, FL
100' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2003 Hatteras-Ft. Lauderdale, FL
100' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-1996 Hatteras-Fort Lauderdale, FL
92' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2018 Hatteras-Dania Beach, FL
90' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2013 Hatteras-Dania Beach, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-1990 Hatteras-Miami Beach, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2004 Hatteras-Riviera Beach, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2015 Hatteras-Miami, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2004 Hatteras-Miami, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2005 Hatteras-Pompano Beach, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2006 Hatteras-Miami, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2005 Hatteras-Miami, FL
80' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-1989 Hatteras-Stuart, FL
78' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2010 Hatteras-Dania Beach, FL
77' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2008 Hatteras-Miami Beach, FL
77' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-1987 Hatteras-Ft. Lauderdale, FL
77' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2004 Hatteras-Fort Lauderdale, FL
75' Hatteras
PowerBoat For Sale-2001 Hatteras-Newport Beach, CA
75' Hatteras
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Used hatteras boats for sale - Yacht Authority is the best marketplace to find hatteras yachts for sale, large hatteras inventory & accessories. Call (888) 823-8320 for latest hatteras yachts Prices & Inventory today.

History and features of Hatteras boats and yachts

Hatteras is one of the first builders of fiberglass boats around 1960. It was started by the textile manufacturer Willis Slane and a naval architecture Jack Hargrave hired by a bunch of investors back in the day. It was primarily built to face the challenging and dangerous water of the North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras. The Hatteras 41 Convertible Yacht Fisherman KNIT WITS was the first boat manufactured. In early 1980, the hull of the boat was solid glass and later on, core hull sides were manufactured. Decks and the housing top of the boat are always made up of balsa core. Balsa is generally considered to be very good core material. It has the properties to make the boat much quieter as the balsa core has excellent acoustic properties.

A huge collection of used Hatteras boats to choose from

In the yacht industry, Hatteras is a benchmark. Yacht Authority provides the customers a long list of used Hatteras boats with dealers on their sites with all the preview photographs of the yachts on the site. They have the links to the various brokers & dealers of the luxury Hatteras boats available in the market. You can find the nearest broker or dealer through the Yacht Authority very quickly with all the details of the dealer available. These dealers have the experience to put the best Hatteras yachts for sale on the market. You can easily select any kind of new or pre-owned Hatteras yachts online through the long list of a dealer in the site and choose according to your location and budget.

Reasons for being the best market place for pre-owned Hatteras Yachts

The main aim of the Yacht Authority is to become a collective place for all sorts of used Hatteras Boats for sale available in the market. The following are the reasons for which Yacht Authority is the best place for any used Hatteras boats: 1. It is easy and convenient for the any pre-owned Hatteras dealers and buyers. 2. We also offer lots of boating accessories and other services needed for Hatteras Yachts. 3. We have categorized the grouping of Hatteras yachts for sale in the various categories like prices, type, and age of the boat. 4. You can find many experts for checking the condition of the boat advertised. 5. If necessary you can also find financial assistance on the site. 6. We have an easy and straightforward informational boat and yacht listing website. 7. All the Hatteras Boats for sale have yacht brokers or boat dealers knowing their conditions.

Why will you choose Yacht Authority

Yacht Authority have many dealers listed who love selling Hatteras Yachts. This gives the buyers great opportunities who are also looking for used Hatteras Boats for sale available in the market, in a nearby location from their home. Yacht Authority also lists various top financial groups like Newcoast Financials and Essex Credit. They give boat loans to the buyer when one might need any sort of financial assistance. Yacht Authority site has different search modes which can narrow down the search of the customer down to the types of the Hatteras boat one is looking for and the prices range of the buyers.