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Unless a boat is built to CE standards, modifications will have to be made to the boat and the boats must now be marked before European arrival. Purchasing a boat in the US is a great deal, even when shipping, considering the value of a Euro against the US dollar (almost 1.5 to 1). Additionally, there are age and engine restrictions and you should be looking at Diesel boats 2003 or later (preferably 2005 engines both gas and diesel) and noise emissions as well. AAC Marine Surveyor Captain A. Leiner, MMS/AMS is the ONLY U.S. Marine Surveyor DIRECTLY thus authorized by the Notified Body, PRS. AAC Marine Group, Inc. provides full supporting documentation to assure compliance throughout the EEA.

With the inception of the European Union program on Research and Development in 1984, the multidisciplinary research and cooperation between industry and science has gained in significance and recognition. The EU creates opportunities for creative development, skill-sharing, new international partnerships in the European community to ensure inproved safety assurance.

AAC Marine Group, Inc., (AAC Marine Surveyor) authorized under the European Notified Body, PRS, has the capacity to carry out the inspections process of a new construction at the factory, and thanks to his participation in manufacturing processes, the builder is granted approval to legally ship boats to any country that requires the CE Marking. Marine Equipment used on European community boats and ships can be certified thanks to AAC Marine Group, Inc.'s competence in the field.

Post Construction Assessment (PCA): AAC Marine Group, Inc., (AAC Marine Surveyor) is also competent to inspect new or used boats that have left the factory thus allowing them to enter the European market and others where the process of CE Marking is required.

Important Guidelines for Consumers to make the PCA Exams progress smoothly:

  1. The Inboard Engines, whether Gas or Diesel, should be 2005 or newer (some Yanmar and Volvo engines are CE marked and they are acceptable). If not, the engines must undergo emissions exams and sound testing, which they may fail. Some 2005 or later engines may still have to undergo sound emission testing, each on a case by case basis, and any of these situations may raise the cost of the PCA. In addition, older boats with newer engines can be certified but will have to meet all standards.
  2. American boats and boats NOT CE marked DO NOT meet CE requirements and modifications will have to be made. If someone tells you differently they are mistaken.
  3. A complete inspection above and below the waterline will have to be made. If AAC Marine Group, Inc. does the pre purchase survey this inspection will be included and will save additional expenses.
  4. Inboard and Outboard, as well as engines designed with underwater drives are exempt from certain noise requirement but must be fuel injected.
  5. Items that must meet inspection requirements are: Windows and Ports, Fuel Tanks, Steering Systems, Steering Wheels, Engine Start Lockout, Fuel Hose, Sanitation Systems. Other items that may require alterations are: AC Systems, DC Wiring, as well as European approved Clean Air Fire Systems.
  6. A present owner’s manual is required and an owner’s manual in your language will also need to be acquired as well as specific signage will have to be added to the boat.

AAC Marine Group, Inc. will travel anywhere in the United States and worldwide to mark the boat legally. THE BOAT MUST BE MARKED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL at its Port of Entry or it may sit at the dock awaiting a CE inspection which can take up to four to eight weeks awaiting the final paperwork and the tests that may need to be completed. While this process is taking place keep in mind that DAILY PORT CHARGES WILL BE ACCUMULATING.

AAC Marine Group, Inc., travels throughout Florida, the United States of America, and worldwide to inspect these boats for you. Therefore, some additional travel and other expenses may be involved, but with the cost of the US dollar against the Euro and British #Sterling, CE marking, purchasing a US boat and the glut of US boars at discounted pricing, upgrading to CE standards and shipping to its final destination, most Europeans find a 1/4 to 1/2 savings on the same boat in Europe and in most cases a nicer and newer boat.

Contact us before you buy or close so that we may give you guidelines to a CE Document of Conformity. Unless a boat is built to CE standards, modifications to the boat may be needed to have the CE Mark assisgned before European arrival. AAC Marine Group, Inc. offers CE Certification and CE Marking worldwide as the only US Marine Surveyor directly authorized by the Notified Body. Contact us today!

CE Certification and CE Marking performed in conformity with the following European Directives:

Directive 94/25/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 June 1994 on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to recreational craft, as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC, and also, Recreational Craft, Directive 2003/44/EC.

Application for CE Exam:

If you are ready to go forward we will email an application for the CE process to start. Please send via email the year, make, model, length and overall ad-ar HP of engines, starting before we will require transfer of funds to start the inspections, the usual is 4-8 weeks after all requirements are completed

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