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UMT International

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Dania Beach, FL 33312
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Tie Downs

Tie Downs - Cam Locks and Snap Shackles

Tie-Downs allow the tender to be secured to the deck with a tensioning device.

We offer swivel snap shackles and fixed snap shackles. These are used with our tie downs and are fabricated out of 316 type stainless steel.

Tie Downs - Turnbuckles and Padeyes

• Used on our tie downs (a device used to adjust the tension or length of cable). We stock jaw/jaw open barrel turnbuckles both large and small as well as handy locking turnbuckles.

• Diamond Pad Eyes and Folding Pay Eyes available (large and small). Pad Eyes are fabricated out of 316 type stainless steel and are incorporated with the tie downs. They are affixed to the deck to secure the tender or davit. Tie Downs run from the deck to tender.

Tie Downs - Custom Reverse Tie Downs

Standard tie downs shoot out from the tender while reverse tie downs go under the tender in areas where there isn’t much room.

Tie Downs - Custom "Y" Style

If there are two tie downs required and not enough eyes available on the tender we fabricate a “Y” shaped tie down to secure the tender.

Tie Downs - Nylon Straps

We also carry 5 foot and 20 foot 1” white nylon tie down straps with stainless steel ratchets and stainless steel spring loaded clips. We can also special order heavier sizes if needed.

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