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Total Dollar Florida

2525 Marina Bay Dr West #204
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
Telephone: 954-583-5558
Fax: 954-583-8556
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Whether you enjoy the powerful action of a high performance offshore powerboat, the excitement of a world record catch on your luxury sportfisherman, or even if you prefer the serenity and relaxation of just cruising the waterways with your yacht, you still expect, and deserve, the best marine insurance coverage possible for your investment.

The team at Total Dollar Florida understands that need, and the fact that for many of you, your "home away from home on the water" is an investment that you will want to protect for years to come.

Total Dollar Florida Insurance Services, professionals in the field since 1988, acquires your coverage from only the best, "A" Rated carriers within the U.S. insurance markets, as well as representation by Lloyds of London.

That's why we would like to extend to you, a courtesy marine insurance coverage evaluation and market comparison of both the benefits and the price that you are currently provided with, as well as what is currently available on the marine insurance market today.

Please, take a moment to browse our site and learn more about the coverage we can provide. The "Policy FAQ'S" page illustrates the boat insurance coverage that is available.

Also feel free to fill out our time saving, "Easy Quote" Form. It's Fast, It's Easy and It's FREE. The "Easy Quote" form page can be submitted via the site, by fax, or if you prefer please come and visit our offices here at the beautiful Marina Bay Marina and Resort located at the intersection of I-95 and State Road 84 (Marina Mile) in SW Fort Lauderdale. Or just give us a Toll-Free call at 1-888-327-8467. It's just that easy.

We look forward to providing you with a complimentary consultation of your current or new boat insurance coverage soon, and on behalf Total Dollar Florida… Welcome Aboard!

REMEMBER… As long as you own a boat, whether you play with it, fish with it, cruise with it, or have it sitting on your dock, you need the right coverage now. Getting it is only a phone call or email away.

Buzz Fyhrie
Senior Account Agent Total Dollar Florida

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