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Anchor Snubbers
SHOCKLES - Anchor Snubbers When an anchor chain suddenly goes taut it can sound like a gun going off (or a cleat tearing out!). Take the stress off your anchor, windlass, and boat by rigging a SHOCKLES on your anchor chain. Our custom anodized heavy-gauge carabiners will fit most chains (see guidelines below) and snap on and off your chain easily. If they don't fit your chain size you can simply clip on any of a dozen different shackles or stainless clips instead. SHOCKLES are available in three lengths (12", 18" and 24") and two resistances (FORCE/2 and FORCE/3). Your SHOCKLE choice will obviously depend on your use and there are no wrong choices. The best length of SHOCKLE for your use will depend on the amount of stretch you required. SHOCKLES are pretty versatile and more than one size will work for a specific application. In addition, you can always set a specific amount of stretch by making the safety line shorter than 2X maximum length. Use a Force 2 if you just need moderate shock absorption (boom tie-down, small boat dock lines, etc.). Force 2 take around 100 pounds of pressure/weight to stretch them. If you just need a little stretch (or if you want to make sure that there isn’t too much stretch) you’ll want to use a short 12” SHOCKLE. If you want significant stretch you’ll use a longer one. For applications that demand a very stiff SHOCKLE (asymmetrical spinnaker tack, anchor snubber, boom preventer, dock line snubber on large boats) you’ll want to use the stiffer Force 3. The Force3 is the heavy-duty SHOCKLE for when you need lots of resistance. The Force3 has 1.5 times the resistance as the Force2 SHOCKLE. The Force3 is ideal for applications where a powerful tension is required. Ideal as an anchor chain or dockline snubber (for larger boats), asymmetrical spinnaker tack, boom preventer, and securing or reducing shock on any part of your boat with high loads. Force3 SHOCKLE comes in three lengths and three colors. Also, you can create a progressive shock absorbsion system by rigging two different length SHOCKLES side-by-side. For instance, when tying your boat to two pier posts fore and aft, we’d suggest rigging a 24” SHOCKLE side-by-side with an 18” SHOCKLE on either end of your boat. In this way, the shorter SHOCKLE will take up the initial pull and keep your boat secure and shock free. But if you get a big pull (from passing waves or a gust of wind) the pull will also come onto the second SHOCKLE. We’ve used this technique with great success on our 42’ catamaran (using pairs of F3 SHOCKLES). We’ve designed the SHOCKLE system so that there is 80% stretch for each size yet only 6” difference in length between the three sizes (12”, 18” and 24”). When tying a boat you can even use SHOCKLES at either end of your lines, as well as in the middle, The lighter F2 SHOCKLES will keep the lines snug while an additional F3 will add complete shock absorbsion if needed. If you would like any assistance in choosing the right size or strength please send an email to and let us know the specifics about your boat and the planned usage.
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