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Anchor Suit

P.O. Box 3231
Westport, MA 02790
Telephone: 508-636-5255
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The AnchorSuit – What is it?

The AnchorSuit™ is a neoprene wet suit type cover for the fluke anchor, which softens all impact points of the anchor. Any boater knows that the fluke anchor is well known for its sharp, pointed and jagged edges which are hazards, as well as a nuisance. So with this in mind, the AnchorSuit™ was created to prevent the anchor from causing damage and injury to boats and boaters alike.

Our intitial introduction of the AnchorSuit™ will accomodate the fluke anchors ranging in size from the # 3 up to # 15. Additional sizes for the fluke and AnchorSuit's™ to accomodate various other anchors are in the works. 

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Anchor Suit
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