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Offshore Passage Opportunities

P.O. Box 2600
Halesite, NY 11743
Telephone: 631-423-4988
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OPO Mission Statement To seek, gather and create, quality offshore passage opportunities for our members.

Offshore Passage Opportunities is the # 1 Crew Networking Service in North America. Founded in 1993 after a 10 month sabbatical sailing 12,000 miles and visiting 8 countries and 25 ports, OPO has since helped thousands of sailors meet and make successful passages.

Delivery skippers and private boat owners,  quickly realize their friends and family have jobs and obligations - they then call us looking for crew. We collect their information and pass it on to our members to help them get aboard. Since you are helping to deliver a boat, you get to go sailing for free.

Benefits of Membership
* Opportunities crewing for private boat owners.
* Opportunities crewing for delivery skippers.
* Opportunities crewing in a rally or regatta.
* Gain sea time and experience towards a License.
* Meet new like minded people
* Free Information for sailors by sailors.
* Gain experience before buying a boat or sailing off on your own boat

  • It is easier to make new friends who sail than it is to teach your friends how to sail.


  •  OPO Proverb

  • Our web site is full of useful information and lists to help you become a better sailor and attain your sailing goals. You will find helpful information that is free to you anytime you need it.  



For contact information on passages opportunities and to receive information about new offshore passage opportunities as they become available, we encourage you to join now.  Begin to chart your course towards an offshore passage opportunity today!


ATTENTION Boat Owners and delivery skippers: You do not need to be a paid up active member to contact us for crew. We will be happy to help you the first time or two. After you see how well our system works we encourage you to join like everyone else to support our efforts. Pease do not hesitate to call.


For more information please call us at 1-800-4-PASSAGe

Sept 2009 NY to Newport Boat Show-Swan 48 & 56

October 2009 NY to Annapolis Boat Show Swan 48


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