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Chesapeake Nautical LLC

412 Fourth St.
Annapolis, MD 21403
Telephone: 410-507-9084
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Chesapeake Nautical supplies marine-useable solar panels for many types of vessels. For more information please see our "Marine" page.We also have a solar panel rental program for those boat owners that do not want the capital expense of buying a solar panel but do need to keep their batteries charged. For more information on this program please see our

" Solar Rentals" Page

Chesapeake Nautical also supplies Solar Panels, Solar heating systems and Grid-Tie systems for residential and commercial use.All our panels are framed and sealed against the elements and warranted to work for many years.For residential systems we can work with you and assist with permits, tax credits so that you are able to achieve true value for your money.Chesapeake Nautical can arrange for installation using our team of licensed contractors or can supply the kit complete and ready for you to install

For an estimate on using alternative energy on your boat, in your home or office please contact us

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