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Custom Offshore Yachts Maintenance & Repair

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blade modifications
Risky Business is a custom built Andrews 30 MORC racer, which over the course of two seasons and multiple visits to Custom Offshore received a new keel, rudder, and some electronics upgrades. In this shot we have removed the original keel, a trapezoidal lead fin, and are reinforcing the hull in preparation for her newly designed keel, which would sport a narrower fin and a bulb. To handle the increased righting moment of the new keel, Custom Offshore, guided by notes from the designer, reinforced the keel mounting area by fabricating new keel stringers in S-glass and epoxy, as well as vacuum bagging new laminate layers to the underbody The new rudder for Risky was built by employing the original rudder shaft, to which we fabricated a new blade. The blade is vacuum-bagged S-glass over Divinycell in epoxy, which was then faired to templates based on the designers shape. This would eventually be finished off much as the J80 in the prior sections.
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