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Technautics Inc.

1760 Monrovia Avenue, Suite A2
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Telephone: 619-609-3432
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The ISLANDER refrigeration system's engine-driven compressor cools your holding plate from room temperature to -20 degrees F in 45 minutes! The compressor won't be damaged by high RPMs and is suitable for mounting off-engine and in gasoline engine rooms. The ISLANDER will keep a well-insulated, 6-to-12-cubic foot icebox chilled with less than one hour of operating time per day. All Technautics modular refrigeration systems are pre-tested and pre-charged, requiring no technicians, refrigeration knowledge or special tools for installation. Requires on average only 8 hours installation time - the easiest self-installed system on the market today Simply screw 4 Aeroquip self-sealing connections together and the system is ready to run Cools the holding plate from room temperature to -20 degrees F in 45 minutes Uses environmentally safe HFC134a refrigerant Comes supplied with 12 1/2 feet of copper tubing sets Dimensions:13" x 24" x 4" stainless steel holding plate Compressor measures 6" diameter, 7" length
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