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Technautics Inc.

1760 Monrovia Avenue, Suite A2
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Telephone: 619-609-3432
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The GLOBAL 12 refrigeration system offers all the features and advantages of both the COASTAL 12 and ISLANDER in one unit, for maximum reliability and versatility. Use 12-volt power at dockside for silent, automatic operation, and the engine-driven compressor at sea to spare precious battery power. All Technautics modular refrigeration systems are pre-tested and pre-charged, requiring no technicians, refrigeration knowledge or special tools for installation. Cools your holding plate from room temperature to -20 degrees F in 45 minutes Keeps a well-insulated, 6-to-12-cubic-foot icebox chilled with less than 1 hour of operating time Uses dual circuit stainless steel holding plate which provides the security of independent refrigeration circuits Uses environmentally safe HFC134a refrigerant Eliminates the complexity of water cooling, with the use of the over-sized condenser for the 12-volt DC portion of the system Has low 12-volt DC amp draw averaging 2 amps/hour in a well-insulated 8-cubic-foot box divided for refrigeration and freezing Comes supplied with 12 1/2 feet of copper tubing set Dimensions:13" x 24" x 4" stainless steel holding plate Compressor measures 12" x 10" x 12"H
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