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Technautics Inc.

1760 Monrovia Avenue, Suite A2
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Telephone: 619-609-3432
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COOLBLUE, the newest addition to the Technautics Inc. family of holding plate refrigeration, requires half the energy of other 12-volt systems. The all new COOLBLUE is as reliable as your kitchen refrigerator, while using the equivalent energy of a small cabin light. Utilizing the newest technology in compressor design, COOLBLUE operates with a multiple speed compressor, fan and oversized condensing coil. This eliminates the expense, complexity and excess power associated with water-cooled systems. All Technautics modular refrigeration systems are pre-tested and pre-charged with 134a, which dismisses the need for technicians or special tools for installation. COOLBLUE Offers the only 5-year warranty. Can be owner installed in as little as 2 to 4 hours Requires half the power of other 12-volt systems Uses the equivalent power of a small cabin light Averages 21 amp-hours per day draw in a 6 cubic foot, well-insulated freezer/ refrigerator Provides ample cooling for a large freezer compartment Comes supplied with 12 feet of copper tubing sets Total overall dimensions: 13" x 24" x 1" stainless steel holding plate, Wgt 11 lbs. Uses a 134a compressor condensing unit which measures 12" x 10" x 8"H, Wgt 21 lbs.
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