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Technautics Inc.

1760 Monrovia Avenue, Suite A2
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Telephone: 619-609-3432
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Holding-plate refrigeration delivers maximum cold for the energy used-either engine or electrical power. So go ahead, enjoy all the icy refreshments of home with an efficient Technautics holding-plate refrigeration system on your boat.

Rated #1 in reliability and customer satisfaction!
As a result of independent survey and testing, Technautics ranked #1 for reliability and customer satisfaction, and with good reason. If it's engine-driven or 12V refrigeration you're looking for, or even a combination of the two, Technautics has a proven holding-plate system with the safety and operational features knowledgeable boaters demand and deserve.

Technautics systems are engineered specifically for the marine market, and use fewer and higher quality parts than the scaled-down industrial units sold by some competitors. Since their introduction in 1968, Technautics systems have experienced a warranty-return rate of less than 1%.

Easy Installation:
Technautics systems have been designed to save you the expense of professional installation. Every unit can be owner-installed in less than ten hours (1/4 the time of some competing systems) - no EPA license, special tools or refrigeration knowledge required.

Technautics holding plates are made of stainless steel and filled with a non-toxic freezing solution to eliminate the potential for food contamination by rust or leaks.

HFC134a and CFC-R12 compatibility:
Though every unit arrives pre-charged with the environmentally-friendly refrigerant HFC134a, your Technautics system can also operate on CFC-R12 (the only refrigerant available in many parts of the world) without damaging its compressor.

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