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Aqua Matic Water Maker
Beard Marine is proud to annouce the new Aqua Matic (patent pending) watermakers line with ground breaking features never seen before! Read on below for more information on these new quality watermakers by Sea Recovery and Contact Us at Beard Marine for more information.

Key Aqua Matic Features

One touch, fully automated operation User-friendly touch screen with pictorial displays -High-pressure radial axial plunger pump requires no maintenance for 8,000 hours -100% corrosion proof high-pressure vessels -Water lubricated (no oil changes required) -Smooth running without pulsations or vibration

Aqua MaticTM 450 - 1800 Series

Sea Recovery's new Aqua Matic (patent pending), with comprehensive one touch automation, virtually eliminates the need for an operator. It requires no pressure adjustment, and self-regulates to any feed water condition. The user-friendly touch screen displays pictorial images of all operating conditions, which can also be viewed with the optional remote touch screen controller from any location on the boat. All System readings can be selected to display either US Standard or Metric measurements. Automatic shut down can be set on a timer or for a specified product water production amount. For those who wish to "be in control", the system may also be operated in manual mode.

The Aqua Matic High Pressure Radial Axial Plunger Pump is engineered for 8,000 hours of operation before any maintenance is required. It is water lubricated, so no oil changes are necessary. It also has 5 plungers rather than the conventional 3 and is radial axial driven rather than the conventional 90-degree offset camshaft, making it smooth running and without pulsations or vibration. This state-of-the-art radial axial plunger pump is manufactured with a highly corrosion and erosion resistant Duplex material, which provides greater protection than 316SS (stainless steel). With Sea Recovery's exclusive "Noise Reduction Chamber”, the Aqua Matic also provides a low degree of sound emission.

For those who demand excellence, automation, elite technology and low maintenance, the Aqua Matic is the only option.

The Aqua Matic is available in 3 styles (Compact, Vertical, and Modular) and capable of producing from 450 to 1,800 U.S. Gallons Per Day (1,703 to 6,814 Liters Per Day) or 19 to 75 U.S. Gallons Per Hour (71 to 284 Liters Per Hour). In field capacity upgrades are available.

The Aqua Matic Compact is a horizontal one-piece frame configuration with external Booster Pump and Sea Strainer, designed for easy installation into tight spaces, All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.

The Aqua Matic Vertical is a one-piece frame configuration with external Booster Pump and Sea Strainer, which is taller than the Compact, but utilizes less floor-mounting space. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.

The Aqua Matic Modular is designed for separate system component placement if there is insufficient space for the Compact or Vertical System.
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