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Intek Marine Technology

10105 Cornwall Road
Fairfax, VA 22150
Telephone: 703-691-4110
Fax: 703-691-4008
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INTEK Technology was formed to develop and sell specialty chemical products that are environmentally safe, exceptionally effective, and that address specific shortcomings of competitor products used in the marine, nuclear, and industrial arenas. INTEK provides specialty chemical products to end users by way of direct product sales or through Authorized Distributors. INTEK is also unique in that it has the ability to cost effectively provide new or custom chemical solutions that satisfy the unique requirements of an end user.
All of INTEK's industry specific suite of products are:

- Highly effective
- Environmentally safe
- Compatible with a wide range of materials of construction
- Extremely safe for personnel when compared to existing alternatives
- Very cost effective (either through direct cost comparisons or through ease of application)

Additionally, INTEK's products will provide greater value to its customers by:

- Lowering cost
- Increasing product effectiveness
- Reducing risk to the employees applying the products
- Reducing risk of environmental noncompliance
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