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74' Queenship
Seattle, Washington
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For Sale

Alexander Marine USA
(949) 515-7700
Sales Rep: Jerry Todd
Telephone: 1-206-344-8566

MERIWEATHER  - This is a feature rich vessel, designed for easy coastal cruising by an owner/operator couple.

She was custom ordered and built for her experienced owners'. Her concept was a joint collaboration of her owners' and Queenship Yachts senior management. She was conceived, designed and constructed with a true blend of top internationally recognized NW yachting talents.  Hull design by Gregory Marshall. Styling collaboration with Jonathan Quinn Barnett.  Modifications by George Rodden.  The ships final design, her engineering and the sophisticated and tasteful fit and finish she enjoys, is truly a testament to the  build craftsmanship of an extremely renowned and talented Queenship Yachts crew.



The Queenship 74ft is a twin diesel luxury cruising pilothouse motoryacht. The vessel is defined by three (3) main interior spaces and three (3) exterior spaces.

An overview of the interior/exterior features include: The lower level consisting of a Master stateroom with ensuite, A VIP stateroom with ensuite, a Port guest cabin with two single berths with ensuite, that also doubles as the day head with separate entrance and a laundry area.  These living spaces are all located forward of the engine room. The main level consists of a pilothouse with guest seating and casual dining, a fully functional-galley and a large spacious salon. The aft lower area comprises the engine room, a utility space to starboard aft of engine room and a crew's quarter with ensuite on port side. Aft of the main salon on the main deck is an open deck with a large seating are and table set between port and starboard swimgrid stairs, to port side FWD is a FRP cabinet with counter, propane BBQ and sink. Exterior spaces also include the flybridge with engine controls and a large L shaped seating area, to starboard is a FRP cabinet with counter, sink and fridge/ice-maker. Aft of this area is the boatdeck, including a 15' Nautica wide body (big tube) tender with 90 hp Yamaha, a 1700 lbs davit for tender launch and retrieval. 

General Construction

General Design Standards and Construction Philosophy

- Special attention has been given to an overall efficient hull design, fuel saving machinery, and minimum maintenance. 

-The hull form was developed by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects (GCMNA) and George Roddan, P.Eng. Roddan Engineering and tank tested at Oceanic Consulting Corp, in St. John's, Nfld, Canada.

- A combination of composite bulkheads and longitudinal girders allow for an extremely strong and durable structure of medium/lightweight. A number of key safety features have been included such a collision bullheads and watertight compartments. 

- The deck/house/pilothouse/bulkhead structure are designed and constructed to be as light weight as possible consistent with the required scantlings.

- Exterior laminates which are not related to the basic structure, such as soffits, deck coamings, bulwark liners, and styling features are laminated of light FRP skins over core. Every effort was made by the builder to avoid unnecessary weight build-up in such a non-structural components.

- All selected materials and manufactured articles for the vessels construction were new, of high quality and suited for marine use or purpose intended. The workmanship was guaranteed to be in keeping with current yacht building practices. 

- Queenship Yachts were built and outfitted to the most exacting standards. The workmanship, fit, detail, installation, construction, quality and fitness for purpose are of the highest quality in every respect. 

Construction Fundamentals

All selected materials and manufactured articles for the vessels construction are of high quality and suited for marine use or purpose intended. The workmanship was guaranteed to be in keeping with yacht building practices. 

-Structural bulkheads are infused using Corecell foam core and FRP laminates. 

-Hull sides above spray knocker and superstructure are constructed using vacuum-bagged foam core and hand laid-up FRP laminates

-FRP foam-core stringers and transverse members on hull bottom and sides 

-Solid FRP laminated keel, hull bottom, chines and hull sides to approximately 8" above waterline

-Isophthalic Resin used on outer skin of hull for increased blister protection

- Rub rail is UV resistant plastic with 1/2 oval stainless steel caps 

-3 Water-tight 3 bulkheads (Collision, FWD Engine Room, Aft Engine Room) to create 4 water tight compartments are infused using Corecell foam core and FRP laminates

- Principle soles constructed from sound- attenuating honey-comb Nidacore  and FRP laminates. Insulation was applied to the salon and pilothouse deckhead to prevent condensation and provide additional thermal insulation.

Hull and Superstructure Finish/Paint

-Below Water Line: 

1: Isophthalic gelcoat base

2: Epoxy barrier primer Interlux Interprime 850

3: Interlux Anti-fouling Bottom Kote (1st coat Red 2nd coat Black) (SeaHawk is the current brand of bottom paint)

- Above Water Line:

1: Isophthalic gelcoat base

2: Interlux primer

3: Alexseal Premium 501 top coat

-Bilges and Engine Room- White epoxy paint

** Boot Stripe- PPG Delfeet Essential ESM125 Black Paint **

Tankage and Systems 

Queenship designed and built fuel management manifold controls the fuel system for the main engines and generators. The manifold system allows the transfer of fuel between port and starboard tanks. The fuel for the engines can be drawn from either the starboard tank or the port tank and engines can also return fuel to either tank. Fuel deck plates per side are located on the side decks, just forward of the CAL deck area. All fuel lines are stainless steel.

- Diesel Fuel Tank (2)- this vessel carries 1850 U.S. gallons (7002L) of fuel in two (2) tanks, 2 @ 925 U.S. Gallon (3501L) tanks installed in the engine room on the outboard side of each engine. Manufactured by Weldon Industries Inc. the tanks are welded 3/16" 6061 aluminum fuel tanks c/w baffles, sump, scavenger, sight glass marked in 50 US Gal increments & inspection covers. The fuel tank is pressure tested 5 PSI (11.5 feet of head) and is constructed and tested according to Transport Canada Regulations (Standards for small Vessels TP 1332) and U.S. Coast Guard regulations (CFR 183.510(A)). There is a cross over gravity transfer system between tanks.

- Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring- Krill Monitoring System

Fresh Water System- The fresh water tank is filled via a deck fill on the port deck adjacent to the port pilothouse door. There are (2 ea.) Headhunter Mach-5 water pumps located in the Master Stateroom to provide water at a pressure similar to that found in homes. (1 ea. 24 vdc pump and 1 ea. 120 vac pump) Cold water is pumped directly to the faucets while hot water is first heated by two (2) 30 US gallon Torrid electric hot water tank (heaters).

--Fresh Water Tank- The 380 US gallon (1438L) capacity tank is fabricated from 304 stainless steel. The water tank is hydrostatically tested to 1 1/2 times the pressure head or 15 feet of head (6.5 PSI) whichever is greater ( the overflow height to be limited to the top of the side bulwarks). The water tank is installed under master stateroom berth 

-Black Water System- Sewage is collected from the heads into a 235 US gallon (890L) fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) tank. The black water holding tank in the FWD companionway bilge is accessed through lift up stairs to VIP-berth. The black water system is engineered to allow waste to be disposed of via a deck fitting on the starboard side forward of the pilot house door. It's internal pressure of 4 PSI (equivalent to head pressure of the vent pipe being filled with water). The tank have inspection hatch and macerators (2) with a "Y" valve and back-flow preventer for waterline discharge or deck pump-out. Macerator pumps and switches are located within same compartment as black water tank. 

-Hoses and Filter- Sealand 5 year odor free hose and Sealand vent filter.

Grey Water System- Grey Water from sinks and showers is collected in a 35 US gallons fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) grey water tank located in the companionway bilge, this tank is accessed through a sole hatch. There is also a separate 22 US gallon (FRP) tank located in the lazarette area to service the crew area. Each tank operates by a pump that starts automatically when the water level attains a set level and empties the tank directly overboard via a thru hull fitting.

- Pumps- 2 @ 1500 GPH Rule (One per Tank) 

Lubricating Oil System- The Reverso lubricating oil system allows oil to be changed for main engines, transmissions and gensets using a common pump and pick-up/discharge wand. 

 Main Engines

- Main Engine (2) - @ x Caterpillar C18 ACERT rated at 1001hp.  Both engines are upgraded with 120 AMP alternator(s).

-Fuel/Water Separators (2) Dual Racor 75/1000 with vacuum gauge main engine fuel/water separators with manifold valve assembly to permit filter change while underway (One per engine) 

- Raw Water- Raw water is via a thru hull fitting located under the vessel and is used for engine and genset cooling, chiller exchangers and the sea water wash-down and is discharged overboard via thru hulls. 

- Sea Stainer (2)- Groco  mounted under hull at raw water pickup.

- Marine Exhaust (2) 12" Marine Exhaust Ltd. Underwater discharge main engine exhausts including stainless steel exhaust risers with 4" FRP idle by-pass through the transom

-Engine Mount (2) Heavy-duty 6061 alloy aluminum engine beds with white powder-coat finish manufactured by MBM metal to achieve the required height and angle are thru bolted to engine room longitudinal. Engine manufacturer supplied adjustable isolation mounts are then bolted to the engine beds. 

- Engine Controls (4) Four Station Electronic controls with synchronizer functions.

- Transmissions (2) ZF 550A Marine Transmission(s)

- Shaft (2)- 3" Aquament 22 HS shafting 

- Shaft Logs (2) the shaft logs are custom Dafoe high strength composite tubes with pressed cutlass bearings fiberglassed in place and water cooled. The forward end of shaft log is sealed by Tides Marine No-Drip shaft seals. 

- Strut (2)- Manganese bronze V-Struts c/w cutlass bearings sized to suit power and reduction rate are Queenship engineered.

-Propeller (2) - Michigan Wheel 5 blade NiBral propellers. 

-Engine block heaters with Temperature controls 

-Port swing out control station on aft deck wing

-Starboard swing out control station on aft deck wing

- ABT Proportional control for bow and stern thrusters 

-Village Marine 900 god watermaker with remote control at the pilothouse dash

Steering and Trim Systems

Steering System- Vessel is equipped with SeaStar/Teleflex Hydraulic steering system. Each helm consists of a wheel and helm pump connected to a hydraulic pump; the pump is connected by Parflex hydraulic hose to a ram in the lazarette. There is a reservoir which holds extra fluid under pressure to avoid air being drawn into the system. A pressure relief valve is installed to provide protection to the system should the rudder come into contact with a solid object.

Trim Tab System- Trim Tabs are used to maintain the vessel at the optimum running angle. The tabs allow for adjustment to varying weight loads due to fuel, water and equipment on board as well as to keep the vessel lever laterally to compensate for uneven goods stowage. Trim tabs are controlled by rocker switches, located at each helm station. When the ignition is turned off the tabs automatically retract to the full up position to avoid damage. 

Roll Stabilizers

Roll Stabilizer System- ABT hydraulic gyro stabilizers, using 6 sq.ft. contoured fins

Bilge Systems

Bilges are the final drainage point for the water inside the hull and are drained by 10 Rule bilge pumps located throughout the bilge. The 24-volt house battery bank supplies power to all the pumps. the bilge pump breakers are located on a bilge pump and high water alarm panel in the pilothouse beside the AC breaker panel. Pump operation is automatic with manual override; each pump is controlled by a float switch, Ultra Pump Switch USS. Plumbed with 1.5" marine grade bilge hose, a check valve 16" from each pup and individually discharged overboard. High-water audible bilge alarms and warning lights in pilothouse with sensors in the 4 main bilge compartments. Hot wire is fixed "on" to allow pump operation even with battery switches off. There is Emergency bilge pumping system driven off Starboard main engine. 

-Bilge Pumps (10 ea)

-Emergency bilge pumping system driven off main engines 

-Exterior audible alarm

Fire Suppression

The vessel is equipped with a Fireboy fire protection system. There is a single fire suppressant tank located in the engine room connected to system status lights mounted at the pilot house helm. Manual operation of the system can be triggered by fire pulls located in the crew area and the pilot house. The system is triggered by excessive temperatures which is indicative of fire. If the systems discharges, the engines and any electrical equipment should be shut down to avoid further damage as there is no automatic shutdown of any engine-room equipment. There are also 4 @ US Coast Guard approved 2.5 lbs.  

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning System- Chilled water air conditioning system is Queenship co-engineered and designed with Marine Air. Air conditioning system is provided by an MCW 7.5 tons chiller located at the forward engine room bulkhead on center for easy access and service. It has a circulating pump and a sea water pump mounted close to the unit. The chiller unit supplies chilled water to each of the air handler units located throughout the vessel. Each air handler unit maintains the area in which it is located and is controlled by its own control pane. The air handler unit consists of a fan and fresh water hear exchanger. The heat exchanger removes excess heat build up by the units when they are cooling, or provides heat from a reverse system. There are 5 modes of operation available. Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), Heat only Mode, Cool only Mode, Circulating Mode and Humidity Control Mode. Power for the system is controlled by a 240 VAC Blue Sea circuit breaker panel. 1400 amp Heatstrips on air handlers for independent heating in cabins.

Ventilation System

Ventilation System- The engine room has two Delta-T fans, intake and exhaust, keeping engine room temperatures down and providing adequate air supply for the engines. Fans are manually switched to operate when engines are cooling down or the generators are running. Power is supplied via the 24V breaker panel in the engine room with control switch in the engine room and pilothouse. A defogger in the pilot house is installed under the console, the defogger draws ambient air from within the dash then distributes it onto the three windshields via 3" blower hoses and adjustable vents. the defogger is mounted on the forward companion deck head and is controlled by a 2 speed switch on the pilot house dash console. Power is supplied through the low voltage DC panel. Each head has its own exhaust fan controlled by a timer. The midship and forward bilges have individual bilge exhaust fans that ventilate the bilge and push air out of the vessel.  

Anchoring and Mooring Equipment

The windlass system is controlled by rocker switches at the pilothouse and command bridge helm(s). Additionally, there is also a hand held remote control to be used when operating the system from the fore deck.  350 feet of chain is stored in the chain locker located ahead of the VIP-berth. Any water that comes aboard with the chain will be pumped out by the chain locker pump. A sea water and fresh water wash down is located by the windlass so any debris brought up by the chain can be washed off the deck.

Windshield Wipers/Washers

Pantograph windshield wipers/washers system- Controlled by three individual switches located at the pilot house helm. Speed control via rotating knob giving a choice between intermittent, low and high speed operation. Depressing the knob activates the washer solenoid on each wiper arm. Wiper motors and washer solenoid are breaker protected via the DC breaker panel in the pilothouse.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System- An integrated hydraulic system driven by 2 ea. PTO pumps, (1 ea.) off  of each transmission and is used to power the stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and windlass. The components of the hydraulic system include a fluid reservoir w/temperature alarm, oil cooler, pumps, high pressure filters, valve manifold, and the various valves and fittings. The entire system is supplied and engineered by ABT in conjunction with the Queenship design and engineering department. The system pressure is approximately 2850 PSI. 

Domestic Water System

Domestic Water System- The domestic water systems is pressurized by domestic water pump. Pressure switches automatically operate pump when the pressure drops to 40 PSI pumps will shut off when the pressure reaches 65 PSI, an accumulator tank is used to maintain constant pressure. Pump is protected from running dry to low-pressure switches. The pumps are 2 ea. Headhunter Mach-5 120 VAC water pumps.  The domestic water system may also be pressurized by connection to shore based water supply bypassing the onboard water tank and pressure pumps. 

Sanitary Toilet System

Sanitary Toilet System- The vessel is equipped with 3 Headhunter toilets and 1 Raritan Atlantes toilet (4 total). The system relies on fresh water from the vessel's domestic supply to flush the toilets of waste. The heads are flushed directly into the black water holding tank located in the VIP companionway bilge area there is a "Y" valve located at the black water tank for direct overboard discharge.  

Other General Machinery

-Engine Room Floor: Powder Coated Aluminum Checker-plate floor mounted on rubber gaskets to reduce vibration between engines and lazarette

-Through- Hulls: Bronze through- hulls, intake and discharge ball valves

-Overboard Discharge Loops: on all through- hulls below water line

-Engine Room Door: Aluminum weatherproof Diamond Sea Glaze door with portlight

-Engine Room Ceiling: White perforated aluminum

Alarm Systems

-Engine Alarm: The engine alarm sounds a buzzer which can be heard at either help station.

1: Engine cooling water temperature gets too high

2: Engine oil pressure is too low

3: Transmission oil temperature is too high

4: Transmission oil pressure is too low

-Bilge Alarm: Each bilge compartment has a high water alarm. The alarm is sounded when the upper bilge pump is activated. 

Acoustic Insulation

Soundown acoustic insulation materials is applied to engine room bulkheads and deck head: 1/4" damping sheet, 2 layers of 1 1/4" mass composite with powder-coated white perforated sheet aluminum held in place by neoprene air-space strips and edging- forward side of forward engine room bulkhead: 2 layers of sound dampening composite- salon sole: 1/4" sound damping sheet on Nidacore sole and carpet underlay.

-Engine room side-shell to be covered with 1 1/4" mass-composite acoustic barrier covered with powder-coated white perforated aluminum where visible

-Fuel tank inward facing surfaces to be covered with 1/8" acoustical damping sheet covered by white powder-coated perforated aluminum

-Motorized equipment and pumps are isolation mounted to inhibit structure-borne sound transmission

Hardware, Deck, and Miscellaneous Exterior Trim

**All Exterior hardware to be high-grade 316 stainless steel or chrome plated bronze**

-Flag Staffs- Stainless steel bow and stern flag staffs

-Bow Railing- All the stanchions and rails are electro-polished stainless steel tubing, the rails are 1 1/2" diameter tubing, stanchions are 1 1/4" diameter

-Command Bridge Venturi- Tinted Lexan in . 1/4" 316 stainless steel tubing with 2"x 3/16" flat bar uprights

-Command Bridge Ladder- Queenship custom fabricated stainless steel ladder with teak treads from aft deck to flybridge

- Command Bridge enclosure by Barrett, with custom hinged door to the dinghy deck.

- Command Bridge enclosure features pull down sun screens and shades.

-VIP Escape Hatches (2)- Lewmar escape hatches from forward stateroom provided with Oceanaire screens and nightshades

-Windows- Dark tinted windows (Grey lite #14) except Forward facing windshields in pilothouse, laminated safety glass windshield ( frameless flush design)

-Salon Aft Doors- 'French Door' style full-length stainless steel framed glass doors with stainless steel door frames and mounted with butt hinges. Doors swing aft, the passive door (port) is provided with barrel bolts top & bottom and the active door (stbd) is secured with a lever catch and a dead bolt lock with keys. The glass is single pane 6mm glazed laminated tinted glass (grey lite #14) dark tint. Hardware is stainless steel. 

-Pilot House Doors- Port & Starboard side deck doors, custom watertight painted door with pantograph opening system

-Transom Door- Flush-handled Diamond Sea Glaze lazarette access door from the swim deck c/w 4 heavy-duty simultaneously dogged latches, custom watertight pantograph door painted Alexseal to match hull

-Crew/Aft Deck Hatch- Water tight hatch from aft crew companionway with escape ladder (to aft deck)

-Portholes- Marine Hardware Stainless Steel port-lights complete with screen plate and cover. 

-Transom Shower- The transom shower (hot & cold) is located beside the port stairs to the cockpit. Hot and cold fresh water hand-held shower by Scanvik

-Wash Downs Fresh Water- The fresh water wash downs are plumed into the vessel's freshwater system. The fittings are .5" Gemlux stainless steel faucet. The wash down locations are located; 1ea. in chain locker, 1ea. in bulwark cabinet at top of starboard aft deck stair, 1ea. on command bridge mounted under the sink.

-Sunbrella exterior seat cushions

-Sun Shade - Pilot house windows and pilothouse door windows, "Suntex" mesh. 

-Weather covers for exterior seats, tables, seats, helm, pilothouse windshield, etc.

-Stainless Steel "N" Rails (5)- Floating 2" Stainless Steel "N" rails on swim grid and 6 pockets.

-Boat Deck Supports (2)- 2 x4" stainless steel stanchions

-Removable Rails- For tender launch and retrieval with though bolted padeyes

-Aft Deck Safety Gate (2)- 316 SS with 3/8" Plexiglass inset panels, port and starboard side

-Boarding Steps- From aft deck to swimgrid c/w stainless steel hand rail

-Wash down (Sea Water) (2)- Jabsco 24V pump. For deck and aft deck/sport deck

-Arch- Arch to be fabricated from "5052 aluminum.Painted with Alexseal"

-Decks- Teak decking is on the after deck and the side well decks.  Fore decks and command bridge decks are painted non-skid

 Electrical System and Components

Vessel Electrical System- The electrical systems are controlled and monitored from AC & DC main power distribution and switchboard panels by Blue Sea. The system includes premium quality circuit breakers for optimal over-current protection of electrical equipment. The main switchboard is equipped with a digital generator frequency meter, amp and volt meters for each generator and shore power. Generators and shore power can be operated from the engine room pilothouse. The electrical system incorporates PLCs (programmable logic controls) to select shore power, genset or inverter source. In the unlikely event of a PLC failure, the main switchboard override allows manual selection of generators or shore power. The basic electrical system is designed with two gen sets, two 50 A shore power cords w/Glenndinng cable winders, and 2 ea. 4000W Master Volt inverters and an 100 amp Master Volt charger associated with each inverter. 

-The AC System- The vessel alternating current (AC) electrical equipment requires continuous operation of generators or connection to shore power. 120/240V system for appliances, entertainment systems, lighting and electrical outlets except when powered by an inverter. 

-The DC System- On board systems: lighting systems, bilge, service pumps, toilets and marine electronics run off 24 VDC power. AC to DC power-packs and house batteries supply the 24 VDC power. 

Galvanic Protection System- Bonding: all underwater metal fittings, all tanks, and seawater cooling parts bonded to copper bonding strip glassed into stringer. Shafts bonded with brushes 2 CMT-Z1 zinc sacrificial anodes attached to hull bottom between rudders at the external bonding plate. Bow thruster and stern thrusters are fitted with separate zinc anodes and the there are zincs fitted to the top side of the trim tab flaps Electrolysis bonding system including zinc anodes and shaft brushes.

- 2 ea. Master Volt 4000W Inverter(s) w/100 amp Charger(s)

- 2 ea. Charles Iso-Boost isolation transformers

-Inverter Bus

-20 kW Northern Lights Generator (750 hrs)

-12 kW Northern Lights Generator (1390 hrs)

-Generator Fuel/Water Separators

-Raw-Water Strainers

-Shore Power & Dock Side Hook Up

- BlueSea AC and DC circuit breaker panels

Battery Systems- The engine alternators are an additional power source for charging the batteries and provide power to the systems when under way. When using the generator or shore power the batteries are automatically charged. Switching for the charging systems is automatic so that they batteries will be receiving a charge whenever a power supply is available. There is also an emergency battery 12 V DC for the VHF radio. 

-Engine Start Battery (4 ea) Gel new 2017

-Generator Start Battery (1ea.) Gel new 2017

-House/Inverter Batteries (8 ea.) Gel new July, 2018


**All lights are custom halogen lighting with Vimar dimmer switches and receptacles

-Spot Light- Remote controlled ACR Model #RCL 100, controls in pilothouse and on flybridge 

Interior Finish

Hardwood Interior Mahogany/Sapele Joinery (cabinets, doors, venetian blinds, panels and some counter-tops) finish to consist of 3 double coats consisting of polyurethane sanding sealer and polyurethane satin top-coat (60% sheen)

--Carpet Underlay - 3/8" Duralux 100% Rubber

-Carpeting is 100% custom commercial grade wool carpeting throughout the interior

- Window coverings are Hunter Douglas hardwood Venetian blinds

- Headliner is Majilite

- Port lights and hull side window are stainless steel framed

- All cabinetry and wall coverings are Mahogany/Sapele wood surfaces


-Settee and Table- L shaped port side forward-facing raised settee with drawers below in front,  table solid wood surface matte finish with 2- stainless steel fixed pedestals and sliders, open pass-through to galley.  The table folds over to double size for dining.  And the twin Stidd helm chairs swing around 180 degrees for dining.

-Storage Upper and Lower Cabinets/Buffet- Starboard side of the pilot house with Sapele wood surfaces

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lamp push-button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Floor Treatment- Toli 100% Vinyl

-A/C Control (1) Marine Air 5 Modes of operation see Air Conditioning above

- Over head red light ( 2ea.) for night time operations

-Television Jack (1)

-Pilot House Doors w/Phantom screens

-Pilot house Console- flat panel control console styling with engine alarm system and illuminated instrumentation including: engine gauges, hour meters and fuel gauges 

-Helm Station- power assisted hydraulic steering; electronic clutch and throttle controls; bow and stern thruster controls; 6" magnetic Ritchie compass, with internal light; gauges for fuel, water and holding tank located at dash; Trim Tab controls, spotlight control, windlass controls, chain counter

-Helm Wheel- Custom Queenship 32" high gloss, wooden hand crafted helm wheel with ebony inlay

-Helm Chairs (2 ea.) Stidd 500NX chairs

-Windshield Defroster

- Pantograph windshield wipers w/washers

-Flybridge door

-Stairs to Flybridge- Wooden stairs with hardwood treads to flybridge (starboard side)

-Electrical Panels- AC and DC distribution panels 

Flying Bridge and Upper Aft Deck 


-Headliner- Queenship Custom FRP

-Fly Bridge Deck Seat- Molded with Sunbrella Cushions and weather covers. 

-Settee and Table- L- shaped port side forward- facing settee, triangular table teak surface

-Table Pedestal (2)- Stainless steel fixed with sliders

-Starboard Bar Cabinet- w/U-Line ice maker/beverage cooler, sink, faucet and storage locker.

-Flybridge Console Station-FRP: Power assisted hydraulic steering; electronic clutch and throttle controls; bow thruster controls; 4" magnetic Ritchie compass, with internal light; gauges for fuel, water, and holding tank located at dash; Trim tab controls, spotlight control, windlass controls, chain counter.

-Command Bridge Venturi windshield - plexiglass

-Helm wheel- custom design

-Helm Chairs - (2 ea.) Stidd 500NX chairs

-Stairs to Aft Deck

- Wash Down faucet - Fresh Water

-Davit-  Nautical Structures 1700 lb hydraulic/electric davit w/power rotation, with a wireless remote control.

- Removable stainless steel dinghy chocks

- 4 ea. locker storage cabinet behind Command bridge settee.

-Flybridge Supports (2)


-Settee- Custom built U-shaped port side

-Headliner- Majilite removable

-Soffits- Rounded hardwood soffits c/w concealed rope lighting and concealed air conditioner vents

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lamp push-button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Television Lift- TV Lift w/remote control

-Television- 46" LCD

-Entertainment- DVD Player, CD player, AM/FM receiver, w/Logitech remote control

-A/C Control (1)- Marine Air 5 Modes of operation see Air Conditioning above

-Stairs to Flybridge- Wooden stairs with hardwood treads to flybridge (starboard side)

-Salon Aft Door, stainless steel

- Phantom door screen(s) for Salon door(s)

Hanging coat closet/wet locker


-Headliner- Majilight removable


-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European cabinetry hinges with lamp push button latches, chrome, brass or satin. Sink Cabinets to have plastic laminate interior

Cabinet lockers with sliding, slide out tray shelves.

-Door Hardware- D-Line Brushed Stainless Steel, Swinging door hold-open hardware 

-Floor Treatment- Toli 100% Vinyl

-Sink (1ea.) Double Basin Franke Stainless Steel Sink

-Sink Faucet (1 ea.) Grohe Europlus II 33 939 000 Chrome faucet c/w built-in sprayer

-Dishwasher- Miele G863SCVI

-Oven- Dacor 



-Compactor - Broan 1055 with Veneered front panel

-Fridge/Freezer: Upgraded to Miele with wood front, over/under with shut off for water under galley sink with positive latches on doors

--U-Lline Wine Cooler

Master Stateroom

-Headliner- Majilite  

-Port Light (4 ea.) 

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with lamp push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

Custom slide out ironing board in port side cabinet 

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold open hardware

-Mattress- 9" Soft Top coil spring king size mattress by Heavenly bed

- Shams and decorator pillows

-Bed Pillows (2)- King Size

-Hanging Locker (2) -Aromatic Cedar-lined hanging lockers with automatic lighting 

-Mirror (1) - inside door of starboard hanging locker

--A/C Control- Marine Air 5 Modes of Operation 

- Linen closet

Master Stateroom Head

-Headliner- A-Look Ceiling panels are shatter-proof aluminum composite panels with chromium mirrored finish

-Port Lights (2)

-Mirror (1) Above vanity to work with port light

-Surfaces- Granite

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lam Push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

- Shower with granite sole and walls

-Shower Doors- Frameless tempered shower door

-Shower Hardware- Stainless Steel, Brass

-Shower Faucet- 2 ea. Grohe custom fixed head

-Sink - 2 ea. Kohler Caxton

-Sink Faucet - 2 ea. Grohe Europlus II Single handles centerset

-Towel Bar (2) AquaBrass

-Toilet Paper Holder - AquaBrass

-Robe Hook - AquaBrass

- Linen lockert

Forward VIP Stateroom

-Headliner- Majilite 

-Port Light (2)

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push-Button Latches, Chrome, brass, or Satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line Brushed Stainless Steel, Swinging door hold-open hardware

-Mattress- 8" Soft-top coil spring queen size mattress

- Bed Pillows (2)- Queen Size

- Pillow shames and decorator pillows

-Hanging Locker (2)- Aromatic Cedar Lined hanging lockers with automatic lighting 

-Mirror (1)- Inside door of starboard hanging lcoker

-A/C Control (1)- Marine Air 5 Modes of Operation 

VIP Head

-Headliner- A-Look ceiling panels are shatter-proof aluminum composite panels with chromium mirrored finish

-Port Light (1)

-Mirror (1)- Above vanity to work with port light

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European cabinetry hinges with Lamp push-button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

-Shower Doors- Frameless tempered shower door

-Shower Hardware- Stainless Steel

-Shower Faucet (1)- Grohe custom fixed head

-Sink w/ Grohe Europlus II Single handle centerset faucet

-Towel Bar (1)- AquaBrass

-Toilet Paper Holder (1)- AquaBrass

-Robe Hook (1)- AquaBrass 

Port Guest Stateroom

-Headliner- Majilite 

-Port Light (1)

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

-Floor Treatment- Stateroom sole is faired and covered wall to wall with heavy duty stain resistant underlay and carpet

-Mattresses - (2 ea.) 8" Soft-top coil spring custom twin size mattresses

-Bed Pillows (2)- Twin Size

- Pillow shames and decorator pillows

-Sheets (2)- Twin Size

-Hanging Locker (1)- Aromatic cedar lined hanging locker with automatic lighting 

-Mirror (1)- inside door of starboard hanging locker

-A/C Control (1)- Marine Air 5 Modes of operation

Port Guest/ Day Head

-Headliner- A-Look Ceiling panels to be shatter-proof aluminum composite Panels with chromium mirrored finish

-Port Light(1)

-Mirror (1)- Above vanity to work with port light

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware 

-Shower (1)

-Shower Doors- Frameless tempered shower door

-Shower Faucet (1) -Grohe custom fixed head

- Sink w/Grohe faucet

-Toilet Paper Holder (1)-  AquaBrass 

-Towel Bar (1)- AquaBrass

-Robe Hook (1) - Aqua Brass


-Headliner- Majilite 

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

-Stair Hand Rail- Mahogany

-Washer & Dryer Locker (1)- Shelf Mounted on the door

-Washer & Dryer- Bosch

Aft Deck and Transom Step

-Built-in storage compartments 

-Headliner- Queenship Custom FRP 

-Decks- teak

-Aft Deck Seat- Molded with Sunbrella cushions and weather covers and stainless steel rail on top

-Aft Deck Table Surface- Teak 

-Table Pedestal (2)- Stainless steel fixed with sliders

-Port FWD Cabinet- w/ sink 

-Sink Faucet (1)- Grohe Europlus II

- Crab storage well build into transom step, w/salt water pump and timer

Crew Quarter Stateroom

-Headliner- Majilite 

-Port Light (1) 

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push Button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

-Floor Treatment- Stateroom Sole is faired and covered wall to wall with heavy duty stain resistant underlay and 100% custom commercial carpet

-Mattress - Twin Size 6" Foam Mattresses

-Bed Pillows (4)- Twin Size

-Sheets (2)- Twin Size

-Hanging locker (1)- Aromatic Cedar-lined hanging locker with automatic lighting

-Mirror (1)- Inside door of starboard hanging locker

-A/C Control (1)- Marine Air 5 Modes of operation 



General Construction- Continued

Crew Head

-Port Light (1)

-Mirror (1)- On Medicine Cabinet

-Cabinetry Hardware- Concealed Blum European Cabinetry hinges with Lamp Push button latches, chrome, brass or satin

-Door Hardware- D-Line brushed stainless steel, swinging door hold-open hardware

-Floor Treatment- Granite

-Shower (1)

-Shower Doors- Frameless tempered shower door

-Shower Hardware- Stainless Steel, Brass

-Shower Faucet (1)- Grohe top 4 Hand Shower on 24" Pole

-Toilet (1) Raritan Atlantes toilet

-Exhaust Fan (1)- 4" Comfort Air fan

-Sink (1)

-Sink Faucet (1) - Grohe Europlus II Single handle centerset

-Towel Bar (1)- AquaBrass

-Toilet Paper Holder (1)- AquaBrass

-Robe Hook (1)- AquaBrass 

- Linen locker


-Built in stainless steel tool chest

-Custom cabinetry and storage lockers

-Frigidare freezer

-2 ea.Charles Iso-Boost Isolation Transformers

- 2 ea. Work benches w/stainless steel counter tops

Operations Manuals

The vessel is provided with an owner's operating manual: one hardcopy and one electronic copy as built drawings:

  • General description of the vessel systems and operating procedures
  • General recommendations for maintenance checklists and schedules
  • Marine engine and genset manufacturer's technical survey and acceptance of installation and performance
  • Original owner's manuals and illustration guides for all major Queenship installed hardware

Layout and Wiring Diagrams

  • Machinery Layout
  • Docking Plan
  • Domestic Water system Layout
  • Grey water system Layout
  • Salt Water system
  • Fuel system
  • Oil change system
  • Main engine raw water cooling
  • Air conditioning plumbing
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Power steering system
  • Toilet system
  • Electrical
  • Lighting arrangement plans
  • AC&DC panel layouts
  • AC Distribution
  • DC Distribution
  • Hill lifting locations permanently marked on hull PORT and STB:
  • Sling locations
  • Stabilizer locations
  • Shaft locations
  • Bow and stern thrusters

Safety Package and Extras

- 4 US Coast Guard approved 2.5 lbs hand helf fire extinguishers

- 2ea. 50' dock/lock lines

- 4ea. 35' dock lines

- 8ea. fenders with leather rail hangers

- 24" life ring

- 1 50' buoyant heaving line

- 1 Life Sling

- 8 US Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (adult size)

- 1 Flare gun kit

- 8" Chrome plated brass bell

- 1 Air horn

- 1 Floating cushion

- 1 US Coast Guard collision regulations

- Plastic Pollution place cards 

- A significant supply of mechanical and general spare parts and general consumables

Owner Added Shipyard and Aftermarket Options

  • Interior handrails are mahogany 
  • Nav lights are LED
  • Galley upright refrigerator and freezer is a Miele
  • All heads have stone floors
  • Master shower has stone walls
  • All exterior weather covers were new in 2017
  • Dinghy is a 15' Nautica wide body center console (larger tube) RIB w/90 hp Yamaha and equipped w/plotter, sounder, VHF, surround sound DVD, Ski tow bar and weather cover
  • Teak furniture set for exterior use.
  • Barrett "sky lounge" fly bridge enclosure design w/hinged door aft.
  • Cell phone booster
  • Wi-Fi booster
  • Yacht Controller
  • Updated Furuno charts
  • Village 900 gpd water maker
  • 2 ea. shore power cord "Y" connectors
  • Chain bridle for anchoring
  • Custom stern tie reel, mounted on a cable reel at transom w/lazzarete hand crank
  • Hose reel mounted on transom stem the allows water to flow in either direction
  • Custom leather fender hangers w/jam cleats for easy adjustment
  • Stern housed 50/240 amp shore power cable is 90' long
  • 25' shore power cable extension
  • 50' 30 amp shore power cable
  • Numerous shore power adapters
  • Side deck pet gates, between CAL deck and well deck



  • Krill Vessel Monitoring System: tanks. security, lighting, temperatures, bilges, batteries, etc.
  • Two totally independent navigation systems which include:
  • 2 ea. Furuno Black box NavNet 3D
  • Furuno NavNet 3D 12kW 72 mile w/ 8' open array
  • Furuno NavNet 3D 6kW 64 mile w/4' open array
  • Furuno AIS (send-receive)
  • Furuno Black Box sounder w/1kW transducer
  • Furuno speed/temp transducer
  • 2 ea. Furuno RD30 tri-data displays
  • Furuno AIR 033-8DQ weather station
  • Furuno NavPilot500 AP
  • Furuno SC30 GPS sat Compass
  • Furuno RD30 NMEA display for the SC30
  • 2 ea. ICOM ICM604 VHF
  • 2 ea. ICOM HM 162 remote mic
  • 2 ea. NewMar 40 watt hailer horns
  • 2 ea. 16' Digital VHF antennas w/Rupp mounts
  • Interphase fwd looking sonar
  • SeaTel 27" Coastal 24 sat TV antenna
  • SeaTel 27" Dummy Dome w/sat compass mounted inside
  • Weather Worx WX Weather Rec.
  • 4 ea. cameras (2ea. in the engine room, 1ea. on the after deck, 1ea. on the bridge) connected to a display at each helm
    • 2 ea. Pelican dome cameras (color)
    • 2 ea. Pelican IR/night vision cameras
Entertainment Systems


  • Sony Bravia 46" TV
  • Pioneer Elite surround sound system
  • Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray DVD player
  • H21 Direct TV receiver
  • Denon 5 disc CD changer
  • Proficient 12" powered sub spkr
  • Proficient 5 spkr theater system
  • Proficient M4 5 channel amp w/keypads
  • Shuttle G5 media center w/1500 movies accessed from smart phone plex controller
  • iPad dock
  • APC 1800 watt battery back up
  • Logitech H1000 RF remote

Aft Deck:

  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M6 touchpad


  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M6 touchpad

Master Cabin:

  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M6 touchpad
  • Logitech H1000 RF remote control
  • Dlink DMA2200 media center extender

VIP Cabin:

  • Sony Bravia 26" LCD TV
  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M6 touchpad
  • H21 Direct TV receiver
  • Dlink DMA2200 media center extender

Port Guest Cabin:

  • Samsung 22" LCD TV
  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M6 touchpad
  • Dlink DMA2200 media center extender

Crew Cabin:

  • 2 ea. Proficient 6.5" spkrs
  • Proficient M4 touchpad


All personal property is excluded unless specifically identified and included in the sale agreement and listing specifications. Personal property refers to all items not permanently attached to the vessel including but not limited to: artwork, furnishings, and recreational or entertainment items. Advertisements, marketing materials, and/or other photography may depict the vessel with personal property, however, such personal property is excluded unless otherwise specifically included as provided herein.


The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.


Specifications, with Equipment and Information:
- Length: 74' 0"
- LOA: 74' 0"
- BEAM: 18' 10"
- DRAFT: 5' 7"
- Engine(s): CAT C18 ACERT
- Hours: 810
- HP: 2002
- Fuel: 1850 gallons
- Water: 380 gallons
- Holding: 235 gallons
- Hull Construction: Fiberglass
- Manufacturer: Queenship
- Model: 74 RPH
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Details of this vessel are offered in good faith by the Company. The Information cannot be guaranteed; therefore it is up to the Buyer, his Agents, or his Surveyors to verify.

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