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Used Yachts for Sale

There are quite a bit of used yachts for sale. You don't have to look far.... it can be on a street corner, in front of a home, or in a parking lot. There are other areas to see them and that would be in a Boat Show that has New and Used Yachts and Boats for sale, plus you can go to a Yacht Broker or Boat Dealer Office which is usually at a Marina.

There are all different types of used yachts for sale. Some choices are Power boats, Sailboats, Catamarans, Pontoon boats, to name a few. There are many Manufacturers like Sea Ray, Silverton, Ocean Yachts, Bayliners, Egg Harbors, for Powerboats, and Hunter, Catalina, Shannon, and Island Packet, for Sailboats...there are many others. But when looking for a Used Yacht, you have to know your stuff or have some one who does.

You may be looking for a boat you can trailer around or one bigger that will be kept at a Marina. This way your yacht is ready to go, just waiting at your slip. Boats that you can trailer are fun also because they can go where you a lake in the mountains, or even a big river.

Once you find that Yacht or Boat that you like, get a list of the options and amenities that are onboard. Look thoroughly through the Yacht opening all hatches, draws, and storage areas. If you are satisfied with the up-keep and condition, go for a Sea Trial (a good run on the boat) to see how it performs and to see if anything unusual pops up. If things go well, have a Yacht Surveyor go over the boat. He will check the Yacht from stem to stern, making sure all systems work properly and will note the condition of each so you know what will need replacing soon. Most Insurance companies require this procedure to get insurance.

A Yacht Broker or Boat Dealer can arrange and help you thru this whole process, and have all the requirements met as you get closer to purchasing your Used Yacht. Check to see if your Yacht Broker and Boat Dealer are licensed and insured.

Once you decide to purchase a used yacht for sale, the fun is looking for the right one for you...there are many choices, so there's one out there just waiting for you! Enjoy finding it!

Find used yachts for sale in all sizes and price ranges.