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Used Yachts

Being in the market looking for used yachts is a lot of work, but at the same time it is fun to see all the different styles and interiors. If you have been in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway), there are many tied up to the docks along the sides and in the Marinas along side many hotels. Some get close to 200'....and I'd imagine some may be bigger. I hear some come with elevators onboard! These types of yachts have every amenity and option available. Some have helicopter pads...with helicopters... some have accessory boat garages...Could you imagine taking an elevator down to the boat garage, pushing a button to have it open, getting in your speedboat, and zooming off! Now that's mint!!

Don't think it is all fun and games, (well, I guess it might be) it takes lot of up-keep to have your yacht stay in pristine shape. Most have crews that live onboard and do these chores everyday. The owner flies in at anytime to enjoy his yacht on his or her times off and wants everything just right. This also keeps the yachts value up, including upgrades from time to time. Looking for a yacht for sale could be a dauntless task, but you slowly find the range of size you want to be in, and the model or manufacturer you want to stay with. There are quite a number of yachts for sale. You can purchase a New Yacht which would be custom tailored to your personal preferences, or a Used Yacht which can also reflect your personal tastes. New yachts can take a year or two to build if you have the time, where as used yachts can be purchased on the spot.

Maintenance and up-keep cost are usually about 10% of the purchased price per year, so these costs are factored in. Your Yacht can always be waiting for you at any harbor. Your crew gets your yacht to where you will be a few day before hand, ready for your pleasure. Whether it be work, entertaining, or cruising, your crew is ready to execute every command. Most yachts in the hundred foot and higher range, don't go very fast, but there are exceptions...most do around 10 knots cruising speed. They may not go very fast, but they sure can go far. Their fuel capacities are enormous, so they can reach far away destinations.

There are Mega Yachts, Super Yachts, Luxury Yachts to choose from. New or used yachts are some thing to look at.....not only in grace and styling as a yacht sits at dock or at anchor, but in the reflection that there is one out there that says this is you.

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