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Used Sailboats for Sale

There are many Used Sailboats for Sale out there. The thing is which size and type Sailboat do you want or are you looking for. There are Cruising Sailboats, Racing Sailboats, Aft Cockpit Sailboats, Center Cockpit Sailboats, the list goes on. A Boat Show would be the first place to go to find the Type and Size you are looking for. There is a host of information waiting for you to make any decision easier. The Boat Dealers and Yacht Brokers there also have a world of information for you. Whether you are thinking of cruising the Bay or going Coastal Cruising to Ocean Voyaging, information awaits at the Boat Shows. Some Boat Shows have just New Sailing Yachts, some have just Used Sailing Boats, and some have both!

I have tried Sailboats and found I liked Racing Sailing even thou I had a Cruising Sailboat. The races were PHRF, which basically made all the sailboats even on time. I learned the most about Sailing techniques in doing racing, but what I did eventually find, was that of all the races I went to, I ended up enjoy the trip to and from the starting line which could be at times 100 miles away. I liked Voyaging. I went further and further Offshore to get to the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, some 300 miles away, to Bermuda some 900 miles away. The pleasure of the ocean with its' Dolphins, Sea Turtles, and Whales to mention a few is breath taking...Nature at its' finest!

With all things said, when looking for a used sailboat for sale, the cockpit should have a good feel to you, with easy handling of the lines. Winches should be placed conveniently to make ease of operation. In a difficult Race or Storm, it should feel as easy where you don't have to brace yourself to work the Lines, Winches or Sails. Working hard to get something done on the Sailboat underway is not what you want good placement for everything. A Roller Furling Headsail is also the way to go. When a Squall comes up, you don't have to go to the foredeck and lower the Sail. With Roller Furling, you can actually roll up your Headsail to the amount you want staying out. This stops the Sailboat from being over powered, also from heeling over wildly, and keeps you safe in the cockpit. Below should have good hand holds and be comfortable even on a good heel.or seaway.

There is a great difference between a fast Racing Sailboat and an Offshore Cruising Sailboat. But this is a choice you will find out as you check-out all the different types of Sailing Vessels. There are plenty of used sailboats for sale, and one is just right for you.

Here, you'll find a great selection of used yachts for sale