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Sailing Yachts

Anyone who has ever spent time on the water knows that the experience of boating and yachting is one you never tire of. Whether you are a casual recreational user, someone who makes their living from the water, or you have chosen to sail around the world on Sailing Yachts, boating and yachting is something that soon gets into the blood and stays there. And now there is a website which is as dedicated to the water as you are. Yacht Authority is a one stop shop of information for all boating and sailing enthusiasts with used sailing yachts for sale.

Technology has enabled us to stay connected from parts of the world that were once considered isolated. Through your computer and an internet connection it is possible to browse the internet even when you are around the world. This is great news for keeping in touch with family and friends and the news from around the world. Boatmen and yachtsmen will also enjoy keeping up with what is happening in the world of sailing and boating through the Yacht Authority's new website at

The team at Yacht Authority have extensive boating and yachting experience and have written many articles for boating magazines. This experience has been gained from navigating the East Coast both inshore and offshore and many fishing trips. They have visited Marinas, Boatyards and Boating stores along the coast in an effort to bring fellow boating and yachting enthusiasts a comprehensive website dedicated to boating and sailing yachts.

Yacht Authority have established their website because they understand that at times boating and yachting enthusiasts have a need to access information about the water quickly. If you need repairs done you can go to and locate an operator in your area. They also feature retailers of accessories and electronics if you wish to undertake renovations or repairs yourself. Having this information in the one convenient location will ensure that you have as much time as possible on the water.

Yacht Authority is a great place to go shopping for sailing yachts, dinghies and outboards. The website features a handy search tool where you simply enter your preferred make or model, price and length. If you are looking to sell a boat or yacht consider advertising with Yacht Authority for maximum exposure to the right market.

Yacht Authority also features information about Chartering, Boat Finance and Insurance and water-front real estate. Whilst the website is still in its infancy the people behind Yacht Authority are committed to making this website one you will enjoy returning to regularly so save in your list of favorites and drop by often.

If you make a living from the world of yachting and boating you need to advertise with Yacht Authority. Whether you have sailing yachts to sell or fishing gear you will find that the Yacht Authority team are committed to ensuring your business gets recognized. For more information about advertising with Yacht Authority click & advertising on the Home Page and sign up for a free trial.
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