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Live Aboard Boats

There are many people and families that Live Aboard Boats. The question is, what is a live aboard boat? Basically it is one that has the room and facilities you need aboard. It could be a boat ranging in the 25' size to the skies the limit, I'd imagine. I hear people say..."How could you live on a boat?"..."What do you do for heat in the winter?" ....Now really... It's like someone who lives in an Apartment and people say the same questions above to them...They have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and heat, well so does a boat. Sometimes there is no bedroom (Stateroom) on a boat, it could be a Settee (couch or bunk) depending on the size of the boat. Some boats that are bigger have more elaborate Interiors that some apartments or even homes! Here are some basic things for first timers to think about.

First it is no big deal living aboard a boat... it is like moving into an apartment, you just have to figure out what size you need or want. You could live aboard a Powerboat or a Sailboat, it just depends on your preference. Let's say we are talking about a 35' to 38' boat. Some of these boats have 2 Staterooms (bedrooms) with 2 Heads (bathrooms). They have a Galley (kitchen) and Salon (livingroom). The size of the boat determines the size of each area. In the south you don't have to worry to much about heating your liveaboard boat. Boats of all sizes have reverse marine A/C that does Cooling as well as Heating that are already installed or you can put them in. Some boats have built in heaters, some of which are electric or small little fireplaces. Your Stateroom has drawers and closets, a nice bed which can be as big as a Queen size, with an ensuite Head including a Shower. In the Galley there is either an Ice box or refrigerator, sink, counter space, and cabinets just like an apartment. Some apartments are small and so are the kitchens, bedrooms and livingrooms. Same with a boat. But with a boat you can head off to a nice cove or restaurant and enjoy your day, evening, or weekend. If you're in Florida, you could head to the Bahamas for the weekend, week or if you're lucky the month!

So let's take a basic scenario living onboard a boat.... Your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, you get up and take a shower, freshen up. Go in your drawers take out what you are going to wear and make breakfast in the galley. If you are at a Marina you can take your car to work...or take a bus. After work, go to the store for more groceries if needed and head home to your live aboard boat. Change clothes, put away the groceries, have a glass of wine or beer...relax on deck. Make a pasta dinner, or what below at your dinette or table, maybe have it on deck watching the sun set! Read a book...What I'm getting at is it is the same as living in an apartment or home (maybe better)...your boat is your home. You have TV, Stereo..all the creature comforts! Plus a phone...your Cell Phone! And ....wait....I got a call..."Hello, John?...hey what's happening? ...ya...ya...Sure, I'll be there, Seaya soon". Well, see....your boat can be your home...As they say..."It's where you make it! Enjoy.

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