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Boat Price - What Determines the Value of a Used Boat

The Boat Price Can Fluctuate Up or Down Depending Upon A Number of Different Things. Here Are Some Important Things To Consider.

You should be aware of the various aspects that determine the right boat price to pay when shopping for a used boat. There are things to watch out for and others which will help to hold the value for years to come.

Just as there is Carfax to uncover the history of a car, you can obtain a boat history for the boat you are interested in purchasing. It is readily available online for free using the HIN number (hull identification number) of the boat and will tell you whether the boat was ever damaged by a hurricane, submerged, in an accident, a fire, in a collision and more.

In order to insure your boat, you will likely need to have a surveyor examine the boat. Sometimes, this requirement is waived, when the boat is relatively new. If a surveyor was recently conducted on the boat, it can be helpful in determining the boat condition. The surveyor should be able to check to make sure everything on the boat works properly and meets the American Boat and Yacht Council and National Marine Manufacturers Association standards. Any major problems the surveyor finds will help you negotiate the boat cost. The estimated price for boat repairs necessary will give you a number to work with.

The value of the boat drops the most in the first few years of owning it, but boats equipped with more manufacturers options and limited-edition boats will level off, and maintain their values longer. The way a boat was cared for will show and good care translates into a boat that performs well and last longer. You can purchase a one year old boat, in pristine condition, and save a tremendous amount of money over the new boat price.

One of the most expensive things to replace on a boat is the motor. The engine, props, shafts and rudders can also run you a pretty penny. Delamination of the deck (fiberglass pulling away from the underlay, possibly wood) can also be a big fix. Do your best to avoid a boat with outdated electronics equipment. The through holes may not be the correct size for the replacement part, making major modifications necessary. Sometimes the replacement part won't match, so you have to replace everything. With a sailboat, you have all the above issues, plus the sails to worry about. If the sails are too worn, they may need to be replaced, and that will run you thousands of dollars. The running rigging (shrouds and stays) are all a concern. All of these things are important in determining the boat price.

Updated electronics equipment can increase the value of a boat or help it to maintain its value much longer. If the boat has and updated knot meter, depth finder, rudder indicator, auto-pilot, GPS, chart plotter, radar, fish finder or wind indicator (especially in a sailboat), all of these things add value.

Having repeaters (doubles) below the deck in the navigation station is quite a plus. A sit down navigation station is even better. The latest perk is a bow thruster. This is an open tube by the front of the boat, under water, that shoots a jet of water of from one side or the other, pushing the bow around to port or starboard (left/right). This is considered a luxury item and is a real seller for the boat. They also have now stern thrusters that are bolted to the back of the boat and do the same thing.

Some big power boats have a closed circuit video/TV that shows different parts of the boat, such as the engine/mechanical rooms, bilge areas, rear area for docking, and any other area the captain wants to keep an eye on.

A good stereo system and a flat screen DVD setup is also a big plus - even bigger if you have this in the salon and the main stateroom.

Go for a boat with low engine hours - this adds great value. If there are a lot of hours on the engine, you're that must closer to having to replace it. The generator, inverter, air conditioning and refrigeration can all either add to the boat price, if in good condition, or subtract a lot of value if in poor condition.

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