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Oil to Fuel Blending Syst
Width: 8.5" Height: 16" Depth: 11" Weight: 33 lbs. The Model 9370 is designed for the captain who is looking for a solution to the practical difficulties of handling waste oil during long-range cruising or tournament fishing. The 9930 is powered by a heavy-duty reversible 1/3 HP 115V or 230V/60(Hz) corrosion resistant motor and rotary gear pump which has self-lubricating carbon bearings and drip-proof seals. As we know, engine maintenance is not just recommended, it is necessary to insure the proper performance, fuel consumption and overall efficiency of your vessel. However, the problem of how and where to dispose of the waste oil properly, can be a difficult and costly question. Waste oil is not considered hazardous if it is recycled. For years, users of diesel-powered equipment, including trucks and off-road equipment, have been recycled waste crankcase oil into usable fuel by mixing 1 part oil with 20 parts diesel fuel. Diesel engine manufacturers have conducted extensive tests on the use of 5% filtered crankcase oil as a diesel fuel extender. Diesel fuel blended with oil has a higher BTU output and greater lubricity, and there is no change in flash point or cetane ratings. More importantly, there is no loss of engine performance or increase in engine wear or emissions. With the Model 9930 Oil-To-Fuel Blending System you can avoid the disposal problem and turn waste crankcase oil into usable diesel fuel. The system is designed to remove used crankcase oil from any combination of three engine and/or generators and blend it with diesel fuel taken from the engine¹s fuel tanks. The blended mixture is filtered and returned to the tank where it is utilized as fuel. Oil-To-Fuel blending system combines used crankcase oil with diesel and utilized for fuel US Patent #5,353,760
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