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Offshore Financial

106 Bridge Avenue, Suite #4
Bay Head, NJ 08742
Telephone: 800-899-7766
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Boat Refinancing

With Interest Rates being at their all time LOW refinancing makes even more sense NOW. Offshore Financial offers refinancing programs that can save you money with your next payment and hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the remaining term of your loan. For an example, If two years ago you borrowed $100,000.00 for 15 years at a rate of 7.75% your monthly payment would currently be $941.28. If by refinancing the balance of your loan, you could lower your rate to 6.75% (1 percentage point difference) for a term of 13 years (you already paid two years into your original 15 year term loan) you would lower your monthly payment by $56.37 to $884.91. This is a $676.44 PER YEAR SAVINGS. If you keep your boat for only five years your SAVING would be $3,400.00. To see if refinancing makes sense for you, check your current contract rate find out our outstanding balance ( we can estimate this for you ), then call us. If today's market rate is at least 3/4 of a point (.75%) lower, refinancing could save you money. If your outstanding loan balance is over $100,000.00, a 1/2 pt. difference (.50%) might make sense, other loans with balances under $50,000.00, a 1 point (1%) difference might be needed. Contact one of our offices to discuss your individual loan situation, we'll send you a loan comparison schedule to show you just how much you will save. We can also point out other ways to SAVE YOU EVEN MORE. .

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