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Boatswain's Locker

4565 Lakeside Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Telephone: 904-384-2446
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Soft and hard dodgers are available for your sailboat with options like Rainier Windows™ (formerly Barrett Bonded Windows) and Wavestopper Fiberglass Tops to consider. Take your pick! Soft Dodgers Hard Dodgers Soft Dodgers Our award-winning soft dodgers are custom designed for function and aesthetics to compliment any boat. The center and side windows roll up providing ventilation, access and visibility. Forward and aft pockets are zippered for quick and easy removal of the dodger canvas. Window covers and straps are standard and included in the price. Dodger Construction Boatswain’s Locker dodgers are made from a variety of materials such as Sunbrella®--a breathable, water resistant woven acrylic —and other high quality fabrics. The hems are double sewn, double layered and reinforced. A pocket protector made of matching wear patch material is sewn across the aft bow to add to the life of the cover. To create a smooth fastener free joint between the deck and dodger and create a more user-friendly installation from inside the boat, all Boatswain’s dodgers include tracking at the bottom. Boatswain’s Locker can build the dodger with all the extra features you want or just a basic model that covers what you need. Just ask us. Hard dodger Hard dodgers are solid fiberglass, making them strong, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The color of your canvas or hull can be matched for an integrated look. The standard hard top dodger has 40 gauge vinyl windows, but we offer many glass choices including Strataglass and Rainier Windows™ (formerly Barrett Bonded Windows). Combining the Rainier Windows™ (formerly Barrett Bonded Windows) with a hard dodger top like the Wavestopper Mark II is a great way to combine complete protection and top quality design to your boat. Wavestopper Tops The Wavestopper top is constructed of solid fiberglass, hand laid, gel-coated, and then mounted to a stainless steel frame. Once installed the Wavestopper top will never sag, leak, wrinkle or dry rot. Each top is custom made to your specifications and can be matched to any Sunbrella color. Wavestopper tops combine good looks with functional strength (strong enough to stand on), allowing the use of Lexan hatches for ventilation, mounting for lights, instruments, solar panels, and antennas. Boatswain’s Locker is an exclusive local distributor approved to produce the Wavestopper Mark II. Boatswain’s Locker can incorporate whatever materials or design you desire to create the dodger you need.
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