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Yacht Boarding Systems

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Apollo Beach, FL 33572
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Entry Level Boarding Ramp
The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© Unsure about your first step…don't be…Use The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System©! Entry-Level boarding ramps Over the past several years, we have had request from boaters to provide them with an “entry-level” boarding ramp. They have told us that they do not need the mounting hardware. They just want to be able to lay the ramp between their vessel and a dock, sea wall, or between two vessels. We have listened to them and are now offering our Entry-Level ELP series Steadi-Plank ™ boarding ramps. These “Entry-Level” ramps are the same as our standard PS series ramps but without the mounting hardware. They may be upgraded to a full PS series Steadi-Plank ™ at any time by the user in the field. Just purchase the PS-UG upgrade kit and install it. Out standard optional handrail kit “HRK” will also work with the “ELP” series ramps. As with all of our products, the Entry-Level STEADI-PLANK ™ ramps that you have already purchased can be upgraded to any of our standard products. When you purchase a STEADI-PLANK ™ boarding ramp system, you can grow with us as our product line grows. ELP-4 Entry-Level 4' STEADI-PLANK™ System. No mounting hardware. (aprox 20 lb.) $698.00 ELP-6 Entry-Level 6' STEADI-PLANK™ System No mounting hardware. (aprox 29 lb.) $898.00 ELP-44 Entry-Level 8' STEADI-PLANK™ System No mounting hardware. (aprox 44 lb.) $1,598.00 ELP-64 Entry-Level 10' STEADI-PLANK™ System No mounting hardware. (aprox 55 lb.) $1,998.00 ELP-66 Entry-Level 12' STEADI-PLANK™ System No mounting hardware. (aprox 66 lb.) $2,598.00 PS-UG PS series upgrade kit (mounting hardware) for the Entry-Level STEADI-PLANK™ System $898.00 The STEADI-PLANK™ ELP Boat Boarding Ramps include: • Our standard Non-skid surface • Two (2) End Glide Plates • Two (2) Side Glide Pads • Four (4) Stainless Steel Eye Ring Nuts. • Rubber edge guard on all sides. We are specialist in custom ramp sizes and designs to accommodate your specific needs. Just contact us and let us help you acquire the STEADI-PLANK™ ramp that is right for you. Custom size complete PSC-X "STEADI-PLANK™" systems can be manufactured at a cost of approximately $149.90 per sq. ft. Contact us for more information on custom "STEADI-PLANK™" sizes and mounting options.
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