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Yacht Boarding Systems

932 Chipaway Drive
Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Telephone: 813-645-6666
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We Provide Boarding Ramp Solutions!

Others, just sell ramps.


The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System©

We all know that "One Size" does not fit all. The same is true for portable boat boarding ramps and passerelles. One length or width of boarding ramp will not always work for the many docking situations you will encounter. Also, depending on the docking situation and changing tidal conditions, you may need to mount the boat boarding ramp different ways and from different locations on your "yacht".

The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© will allow you the flexibility to handle most all the dock and boat boarding situations that you will encounter. The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© is made of marine grade aluminum, using the latest state of the art "space age" honeycomb core construction and bonding techniques. The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© is very versatile and can be reconfigured and added to as your needs change. Thus assuring that your initial investment in The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© is secure. The fact that you do not have to discard what you have and start over when your boarding system needs change, makes The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© with, "Add-A-Feature"™ and "Add-A-Length"™, stand out from the others as a "best buy" value.

Start with the basic 4', 6', 8' 10', or 12' STEADI-PLANK™ portabl Boat Boarding Ramp System© which includes two fixed Stainless Steel STEADI-PLANK™ Cam Mounts™, two Stainless Steel Back Plates w/ Stainless Steel mounting bolts, washers, and nuts, two STEADI-PLANK™ Mounting Forks™ w/ mounting hardware, end Glide Plate, side Glide Pads, and two Stainless Steel Eye Ring Nuts. Then, as your needs change, you can add the "Add-A-Feature"™ options and "Add-A-Length"™ STEADI-PLANK™ extensions as needed. The many economical options will accommodate fixed side and transom mounts, swim / dive platform mounts, quick mount adapter, movable gunwale / transom mounts, vertical/horizontal rail mounts, and mounting height /angle adjustments, as well as special custom mounts. With the optional "Add-A-Length"™, STEADI-PLANK™ extensions, you can configure the boarding ramps' span to be 4', 6', 8', 10', 12' long or longer to accommodate different docking situations. You can also configure the ramps to be up to 4' wide, to allow for wheelchair and roll-on dock/equipment carts. Full-length safety handrails can also be added, if desired.

We are specialist in custom boarding ramps, wheelchair Accessible ramps, and passerelles. We can build a size and design to accommodate your specific needs. Just contact us and let us help you acquire the STEADI-PLANK™ boarding ramp that is right for you.

For the safety and convenience of you and your guests…you should have The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System.©

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