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Company founder, Edward R. Sacks, developed this "specialty" company in 1985 to assist other fellow yacht owners who identified the need for professional yacht services. Mr. Sacks pioneered this then "cottage-industry" with his forward thinking, recognizing the need for a company that would raise the level of professionalism in the arenas of Full Yacht Management, Crew Training, Charter Marketing Services, and Luxury Yacht Vacations. Mr. Sacks' ideas regarding professionalism at the highest level of service continue to be the foundation of our ever-expanding business in this now global and thriving industry.

The success of The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals is proven by our impeccable reputation, not only among our hundreds of satisfied and repeat clients, but by other industry leaders who look to us to set the standard for excellence.

**Why purchase or list your yacht with Sacks?**

Yacht Sales / Yacht Listings ~ Honesty, Integrity, Experience.

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We have access and information on all yacht listings for yacht sales worldwide. With our extensive knowledge of the current market, we will help you to narrow the list of possible yacht listings that fit your

particular requirements. During the yacht sales process we encourage our clients to Try Before You Buy® so you have a “first-hand experience” and knowledge of your selected vessel.

Yacht sales can be complicated, as your yacht sales “buyer’s agent” we are prepared to personally accompany and guide you through the inspection process while

considering a yacht listing. Once your selection is made we will advise and negotiate obtaining the best possible price and terms for you.

During the yacht sales process we will continue to lend advice during the due diligence process of sea trials and surveys as well as all other aspects related to the closing, ownership, and operation of your vessel.

Many of our clients are interested in offsetting the cost of ownership through the “Charter Business”. With our extensive practical knowledge in this area we are able to custom-tailor a realistic pro forma of estimated expenses vs. potential annual incomes.

Our honest approach to the “business” side of yachting sets us apart from other companies. Please feel free to contact your yachting professional at The Sacks Group and start that relationship of quality service, advice, and support, which will continue long after your successful closing. Yacht listings with us provides the exposure you need.




.::Unique Program::.

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Whether you are looking to charter before you buy, sell your current yacht, or purchase your dream yacht, The Sacks Group is your source for yachting professionals.

Charter one or more of the yachts, which are available "For Sale and For Charter" through The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals, to make certain the size, type, and amenities of these vessels will suit your requirements for ownership. We have access to every yacht for sale and charter worldwide.

Engage one of the yacht sales professionals at The Sacks Group as your "Buyer's Agent". We will personally research the yacht market on your behalf to locate several options which will suit your specific needs and the cruising areas that you desire to travel.

Consult with the professionals at The Sacks Group, regarding all aspects of purchasing a private yacht, or a private/charter yacht. Our specialty is the purchase and sale of yachts for the Charter Business. We provide our clients with feasible studies and business plans.

Enjoy 10% or more* off the charter fee towards the purchase price of the vessel, which you purchase through The Sacks Group Yachting Professionals! (*Depending on the yacht, a larger percentage of the charter fee may be applied towards the purchase price. Ask one of our professionals for more information.)


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY® - our Unique Program to ensure that you purchase
the right yacht of your dreams, the first time!



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