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 Reliant Marine, LLC provides boaters, and prospective boaters, solutions that make their boating experience enjoyable, affordable and hassle free.




 Many problems encountered by boaters deal with the balancing of time and money. Some boaters have ample funds, but struggle for the time to go boating and keep their boats properly maintained. Others have the time, but find boating to be too costly. Each person is different depending on their individual needs, family situations, experience levels and proximity to the water.

 Reliant Marine solves boaters’ problems through an array of services which include brokerage, fractional ownership, a boat club, rentals, charters, training, yacht management, hurricane preparedness, and boat maintenance, repairs, & refurbishment. We work on a consultative basis and can save you years of trial and error when choosing, operating and maintaining boats.


Our aim is to deliver quality time on the water, with maximum convenience, at a dramatically reduced cost.

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