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We are located in Santa Barbara, CA but have been helping boaters to find yachts of their choice from San Diego to Seattle. Bob Craven, the owner and Yacht Broker, has been involved in boating for over 55 years. His grandfather introduced him to sailing during the construction of a Tahiti Ketch between 1948 and 1951. The ketch was built, launched, and sailed single handed between Connecticut and Florida for many years. Although that boat is no longer with us, the memories and experiences began a lifelong love of boats and yachting. After spending more than 20 years in the semiconductor business (while building and restoring several small boats in the meantime), Bob Craven decided to focus more time on his original love.

Bob has been selling yachts in Santa Barbara for more than eight years and has developed a good understanding of the type of yacht that is safe, pleasurable and practical for the Santa Barbara Channel and the Channel Islands. A 40-year interest in competitive sailing has also led to a keen eye for the next class that's going to be active and exciting. While working as a Yacht Broker, Bob has had the chance to re-build a Classic Wooden Cruiser, Nada II. The boat is a 1931 Matthews with an interesting story.


Our key to satisfying customers, however, is to determine what yacht they want, what yacht meets their needs, and what yacht meets their budget. Our goal is to have satisfied customers who come back to us for all their needs in boating.

The affiliated company RAC Yacht Management is available to make sure that the boat you bought will bring you great satisfaction during its use and the highest resale price when you are ready to move on to the next adventure. We have programs that will allow a very hands off ownership. All routine maintenance, cleaning, electronic up-grades, cosmetic upgrades or fueling and provisioning can be taken care of in the Santa Barbara Harbor Marina at competitive prices. We do search nationally and internationally to find you the right yacht.


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